Damn Dame! | Introspective

The words are the dame’s pro and flee passion withdraw,

Your feelings to the world on throw, neither for anyone nor a crow,

Here came a lad with ardent claws and prolonging feeble flaw.


The lad got the same game, for audience it was pretty lame,

Not knowing what was the aim, nothing too pertain.

Why start during her rain? Now it’s all behind the curtain.


Damn dame you so silly, under the rain is so slippery,

Why didn’t you just marry? You were a damn great starry.

Words merely husky, made you go already damn crazy.


Pondered you a damsel of your own ingenious castle,

To enter this hassle were not your preferred colors of pastel.

Even with your shell you fell, but then it wasn’t coated enamel.


Why are you in hurry dame, in a new kingdom you just came?

Unfortunately, there are few names for you to acclaim,

He who knows the number of your mane, shall not make your dreams mundane.


Deep down damn I feel you, you are in a queue,

Wait for the sunrise renew, along with that sweet dew,

For that lad still has residue, he can never be true.


So dame, you are Damn! Damn! Damn!



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