Track The Real Field | Life’s Race

“Track the Real Field” is metaphorically based on the track and field sport. This is a poem of encouragement for every person to keep on going and running life’s track and their own career race.


In this field where you create your track,

Despite the clarity of sight your speed aback,

This time the competitors attack,

Sweating in frustration to reach your back.


Every pair of shoes the story is untold,

Training and agility were of different mold,

Apt to be strong to the warm and cold,

And keep on running no matter how old.


The colors of flags they represent,

Not the complimentary colors they resent,

Still don’t be hard and still as cement,

Despite we all are under the moon’s crescent.


Lines of white serves as boundary,

Meddling with other’s path may be pesky,

Straight ahead go run and be steady,

Win or lose have your chest there ready.


It’s not about speed but the endurance,

Every runner has been bestowed with a chance,

After all the hurdles you should be able to dance,

Alone with delight without the crowd’s chants.


So runner, run run runaway!

Not as definite as the oval life’s sway,

See hurdles and lines come what may,

Yet, know your own track just not lay.


Feica 2013

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