Dotted Dominos | The love game

 “Dotted Domino” presents a young girl’s keen observation of courtship, the yearning of love and belief on the existence of a soulmate.  Dots represents the different characteristics and uniqueness of every person as the Domino tiles symbolize every individual. Meanwhile, the title sentiments fears of failing and ending relationships as well as the acceptance of oneself’s uniqueness and bestowed characteristics.

Dots rained to the marble plain,
By the mischievous one with an aim,
From the bone yard to a rail of the train,
Winning chain they eager to proclaim.

Every tile had been bestowed black and white,
Watch how hands play it in the bright,
Players understand these with all their might,
Versus a number of choices, they pick and fight.

Hands that keeps on turning and facing values,
Yet it takes time to know the real hues,
Busy to ponder on every given clues,
But their aim is to their eye’s muse.

“Dots are unequally distributed” they whined and cried,
Slowly the values of dots then were identified,
With a great population the tiles can growl a tide,
One life goal’s matching tiles be unified.

They say wait as there’s a great bone yard of tiles,
Wooed with a number of irresistible styles,
But it seems that I’ve been searching for miles,
Dear one please be towards the right aisle.

How many dots at the end of sentences should I witness?
I remember the odd preserves our meekness,
Dear when we meet please handle me with gentleness,
Let my yearning lengthen and not be restless.

Then flick my heart, make the first tile fall,
After years of guarding, tell me “time to let go,”
Let the noise of the rubble be that loud call,
That I completely fell for you like domino.


Feica 2015

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