Jabal Al Jais: An escape from Dubai’s modern city scape

Living in a city of modern skyscrapers, the sight of mountains and greenery gives me an undeniable fascination. After residing in Dubai for almost all my life, these natural beauties are just simply my most sought after places to visit and explore. Jabal Al Jais is definitely not an exception on my list. I can attest that this place must have best mountain view not only in Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) but in the whole country! The view from here is not only scenic to the naked eye personally but as you can see the camera captures its charisma as well. Somehow this mountain proved to any visitor the dryness and rocks can be also captivating. I was astonished!


It proudly stands tall at 5,700 ft in Ras Al Khaimah between the border of UAE and Oman. Jabal Al Jais is part of the Al Hajar Mountains. On the records, it is tagged as the “Highest Mountain Point in the UAE.”

The soft breeze and warmth of the sun. The beautiful view of mountain ranges is such a winner. Another Instagram-worthy photo spot!


For those not familiar with Arabic, Jabal or Jabal means “mountain” and Al is a prefix translated as “the”. Therefore, “Jebel Al Jais” literally translates to “Jabal Jais Mountain”

The Jabal Al Jais attraction is quite recent, as the road leading to the observation deck was only developed two years ago. Personally, I’m thankful to the initiative of Ras Al Khaimah authorities to build a quality road to this highest point of the country. This place is absolutely one of the best nature attractions in the UAE!


Nature lovers, hikers, local residents who want a break from Dubai’s legendary cityscape or those enthusiastic drivers who simply just wish to enjoy a long ride, Jabal Al Jais is a perfect local destination.

On the contrary, unless it’s on a weekend! Breaking the heightened tranquil feels. Like all notable tourist spots crowd can swarm up the viewing deck for picnics and people can park anywhere to find that perfect view for photo snaps. Parking could be a mess too as there are limited spaces available for visitors. Caution is strongly advised as vehicles may be parked willy-nilly and visitors may roam on foot and hike around the vicinity.

Check this short clip and enjoy the ride! (I phone 6 video)


We visited on a weekday at around 5 pm on a Sunday, made us enjoy the pale blue twilight a coincidentally just the perfect time for photo shoots. I  just love the calming pictures from this trip.  (Sunday is the first work day in UAE)

I must say, the long curvy drive is superbly safe and just worth it!

Trip Finds:

  • There are higher points which cars can’t access, to visit these get yourself ready for a rocky hike.
  • Road are not lighted – it’s a good precaution to leave before sundown.
  • Limited parking spaces.
  • There are portable toilets set up at the viewing bay.
  • There is a single store at the viewing bay to buy snacks.
  • Best time to visit near sunset or early morning.

Tourist Information

Entrance Fee: None

Opening Hours: Natural Location

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