First Post: REWIND before heading FORWARD

Just a girl at the crossroads.

…who recently have  passed a road traveled for four years— the university avenue.

I’m done marching on the streets, but not yet with my clearance 🙂 so, we can say that I’m still on the same road but stopping nearby the traffic light’s red.

The crossroads makes me feel excited, sad and even anxious but moreover grateful and appreciative of all the experiences I gained and the people I’ve met for the past four years. Somehow, I regret not starting a blog earlier, my college years are definitely worth blogging. Nevertheless, this blog is a will to direct my future towards a life that will be worth blogging. But on the other hand, I didn’t regret as I know for the fact that I can’t maintain such blog with my busybody lifestyle during my college years. I was always out and about 🙂

I’m actually excited and glad that I have decided to make this blog today, probably this is due to the solitude here at home and the fact that my laptop is always nearby— to the rescue to let me satisfy my need for expression and words.

For the record, the only day to day journal I’ve completed was in the year 2007 during my high school. It was really an achievement for me as I completed my journal every day. The succeeding one on contrary, became like whenever I feel like writing.

As before I enter a new world, walk in to a new beginning, and leave this environment I’ve been living in for the longest run of four consecutive years. I would like to ponder and rewind… 🙂

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