Desert and Snow | Irony of Warmth

“Desert and Snow” is a poem I specially written about my mom’s life that unfolded before my eyes, it’s a special poem I gifted to my mother. It contains my praise and gratefulness for her courage and resilience despite her life’s setbacks. Magnifying the irony of after living long in a desert, she eventually finds warmth in colder place.


Journey to the world bestowed by above,

Upon this day was a brave heroine,

Her folks and family showered by great love,

She lives but cannot forsake them in a Bedouin.


Lived in a desert of strong heat and sandstorm,

Dwelled within two momentary oases,

Her thirst leads her to venture new land form,

From desert to where pure snow chases.


Where the real summer lost its warm,

The pole of winter kept the sunshine,

The crystal cold was a precious charm,

Farewell to the desert sands left to saline.


Alone and weary out the desert she goes,

Inspired by two camels just following the stars,

The King of the star upon provision water flows,

Until she stumbled upon cement and sighted cars.


Grateful to find the road and taken,

She who deserves confined comfort,

To the cold snow warmth isn’t forgotten,

Sail and free from the tedious port.


Feica 2013

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